myDAQ Signal Connections for Counters

NI-DAQmx 18.6 Help

Edition Date: January 2019
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The following table lists the default input terminals for various counter measurements on myDAQ. You can use a different PFI line for any of the input terminals. To change the PFI input for a measurement, use the NI-DAQmx channel attributes/properties.

Measurement Ctr0
Count Edges
  • Edges: PFI 0
  • Count Direction: PFI 2
Pulse Width Measurement PFI 1
Period/Frequency Measurement (Low Frequency with One Counter) PFI 1
Pulse Measurement PFI 1
Semiperiod Measurement PFI 1
Two-Edge Separation Measurement
  • Start: PFI 2
  • Stop: PFI 1
Position Measurement
  • A: PFI 0
  • B: PFI 2
  • Z: PFI 1

The following table lists the output terminals for counter output. You can use a different PFI line for the output terminal.



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