Synchronizing X Series, M Series, and SC Express Devices

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Edition Date: January 2019
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Note Note   To synchronize analog input tasks on multiple X Series and SC Express devices at the same sampling rate, you can use channels from those devices within the same task.

X Series, M Series, and SC Express devices support the following synchronization methods:

  • Start Trigger synchronization
  • Reference Clock synchronization
  • Sample Clock synchronization

Refer to the Device Routes tab in MAX to determine which PXI and RTSI lines can route synchronization signals.

Note Note   You cannot use a RTSI cable to connect multiple USB X Series devices.
Note Note   The NI 4302/4303/4304/4305, NI 4330/4331, and NI 4339 only support exporting their sample clock. They do not support importing a sample clock.
Note Note   The NI 4340 supports importing a sample clock only in hardware-timed single-point sample mode.


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