Using the RM-4339 with the PXIe-4339

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Edition Date: January 2019
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This section contains information on using the NI RM-4339 with the PXIe-4339. Refer to SC Express Smart Accessory Connections for specific terminal connections.


The RM-4339 has a connection for an external excitation source. Each channel can also use it's own channel-specific internal excitation. Use the AI.Excit.Src attribute/property to set the excitation connection.

Quarter-Bridge Completion

The RM-4339 includes three internal resistors you can use for quarter-bridge completion. These resistors are 120 Ω, 350 Ω, and 1 kΩ. Use the AI.Bridge.NomResistance attribute/property to set quarter-bridge completion.

Shunt Calibration

The RM-4339 includes two independent shunt calibration resistors, named A and B. You can select which resistor to use using the AI.Bridge.ShuntCal.Select attribute/property.

You can use an internal or external resistor for shunt resistor A. Use the AI.Bridge.ShuntCal.ShuntCalASrc attribute/property to set this. Select Built-In to use the internal 100 kΩ resistor, or User Provided to use an external resistor.

Shunt resistor B is an internal resistor that you can use only with quarter-bridge completion. You can use a 50 kΩ or 100 kΩ resistor by setting the AI.Bridge.ShuntCal.ShuntCalBResistance attribute/property.

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The DAQmx Perform Shunt Calibration function/VI and the Strain Gage Calibration Wizard in MAX do not support AI.Bridge.ShuntCal.ShuntCalASrc or AI.Bridge.ShuntCal.ShuntCalBResistance.


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