Analog Input:Measurement Type Property

DAQmx - Data Acquisition VIs and Functions

Edition Date: January 2019

Part Number: 370469AP-01

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Short Name: AI.MeasType

Property of DAQmx Channel

Indicates the measurement to take with the analog input channel and in some cases, such as for temperature measurements, the sensor to use.

Current (10134) Current measurement.
Frequency (10181) Frequency measurement using a frequency to voltage converter.
Resistance (10278) Resistance measurement.
Strain Gage (10300) Strain measurement.
Temperature:RTD (10301) Temperature measurement using an RTD.
Temperature:Thermistor (10302) Temperature measurement using a thermistor.
Temperature:Thermocouple (10303) Temperature measurement using a thermocouple.
Temperature:Built-in Sensor (10311) Temperature measurement using a built-in sensor on a terminal block or device. On SCXI modules, for example, this could be the CJC sensor.
Voltage (10322) Voltage measurement.
More:Voltage:Custom with Excitation (10323) Voltage measurement with an excitation source. You can use this measurement type for custom sensors that require excitation, but you must use a custom scale to scale the measured voltage.
Voltage RMS (10350) Voltage RMS measurement.
Current RMS (10351) Current RMS measurement.
Position:LVDT (10352) Position measurement using an LVDT.
Position:RVDT (10353) Position measurement using an RVDT.
Sound Pressure:Microphone (10354) Sound pressure measurement using a microphone.
Accelerometer (10356) Acceleration measurement using an accelerometer.
TEDS Sensor (12531) Measurement type defined by TEDS.
Position:Eddy Current Proximity Probe (14835) Position measurement using an eddy current proximity probe.
Force:IEPE Sensor (15895) Force measurement using an IEPE Sensor.
Force:Bridge (15899) Force measurement using a bridge-based sensor.
Pressure:Bridge (15902) Pressure measurement using a bridge-based sensor.
Torque:Bridge (15905) Torque measurement using a bridge-based sensor.
More:Bridge (V/V) (15908) Measure voltage ratios from a Wheatstone bridge.
Velocity:IEPE Sensor (15966) Velocity measurement using an IEPE Sensor.
Rosette Strain Gage (15980) Strain measurement using a rosette strain gage.
Acceleration:Charge (16104) Acceleration measurement using a charge-based sensor.
Charge (16105) Charge measurement.
Acceleration:4 Wire DC Voltage (16106) Acceleration measurement using a 4 wire DC voltage based sensor.


The following table lists the characteristics of this property.

Permissionsread only
Settable while task is runningdevice-specific
Available in Run-Time Engineyes


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