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Edition Date: January 2019

Part Number: 370471AM-01

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Data Type: int32
Description: Specifies whether the exported Counter Output Event pulses or changes from one state to the other when the counter reaches terminal count.

Upon reaching terminal count, the counter can issue a pulse. Use Polarity to select a high or low pulse.

Upon reaching terminal count, the output terminal of the counter can change state, or toggle. For example, if the terminal is initially at a low state, it changes to high state and stays at the high state until the next terminal count. The terminal then changes to low state. Use Idle State to select the initial state of the terminal.

When counting up, a counter reaches terminal count when it reaches the maximum value (2^24 - 1 for a 24-bit counter). When counting down, a counter reaches terminal count when it reaches 0.

Valid values

DAQmx_Val_Pulse 10265 Send a pulse to the terminal.
DAQmx_Val_Toggle 10307 Toggle the state of the terminal from low to high or from high to low.

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