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Edition Date: January 2019

Part Number: 370471AM-01

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Data Type: int32
Description: Specifies whether the exported Sample Clock issues a pulse at the beginning of a sample or changes to a high state for the duration of the sample.

E Series devices might require many AI Convert Clock pulses to acquire one sample. Each pulse of the Sample Clock initiates the acquisition of one sample per channel in the task. Each sample per channel requires a pulse from the AI Convert Clock.

This property is valid for the AI Sample Clock only.

Valid values

DAQmx_Val_Pulse 10265 The exported Sample Clock pulses at the beginning of each sample.
DAQmx_Val_Lvl 10210 The exported Sample Clock goes high at the beginning of the sample and goes low when the last AI Convert begins.

You can get/set/reset this property using:





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