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Edition Date: January 2019

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Data Type: int32
Description: Specifies the scaling type to use when scaling electrical values from the sensor to physical units.

Valid values

DAQmx_Val_None 10230 Do not scale electrical values to physical units.
DAQmx_Val_TwoPointLinear 15898 You provide two pairs of electrical values and their corresponding physical values. NI-DAQmx uses those values to calculate the slope and y-intercept of a linear equation and uses that equation to scale electrical values to physical values.
DAQmx_Val_Table 10450 Map an array of electrical values to an array of corresponding physical values, with all other values scaled proportionally. If you specify this scaling type, Maximum Value and Minimum Value must be within the smallest and largest physical values. For any data outside those endpoints, NI-DAQmx coerces that data to the endpoints.
DAQmx_Val_Polynomial 10449 Scale values by using an Nth order polynomial equation.

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