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Edition Date: January 2019

Part Number: 370471AM-01

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Data Type: int32*
Description: Indicates the measurement types supported by the channel.
Restrictions: Not Settable

Valid values

DAQmx_Val_Voltage 10322 Voltage measurement.
DAQmx_Val_VoltageRMS 10350 Voltage RMS measurement.
DAQmx_Val_Current 10134 Current measurement.
DAQmx_Val_CurrentRMS 10351 Current RMS measurement.
DAQmx_Val_Voltage_CustomWithExcitation 10323 Voltage measurement with an excitation source. You can use this measurement type for custom sensors that require excitation, but you must use a custom scale to scale the measured voltage.
DAQmx_Val_Bridge 15908 Measure voltage ratios from a Wheatstone bridge.
DAQmx_Val_Freq_Voltage 10181 Frequency measurement using a frequency to voltage converter.
DAQmx_Val_Resistance 10278 Resistance measurement.
DAQmx_Val_Temp_TC 10303 Temperature measurement using a thermocouple.
DAQmx_Val_Temp_Thrmstr 10302 Temperature measurement using a thermistor.
DAQmx_Val_Temp_RTD 10301 Temperature measurement using an RTD.
DAQmx_Val_Temp_BuiltInSensor 10311 Temperature measurement using a built-in sensor on a terminal block or device. On SCXI modules, for example, this could be the CJC sensor.
DAQmx_Val_Strain_Gage 10300 Strain measurement.
DAQmx_Val_Rosette_Strain_Gage 15980 Strain measurement using a rosette strain gage.
DAQmx_Val_Position_LVDT 10352 Position measurement using an LVDT.
DAQmx_Val_Position_RVDT 10353 Position measurement using an RVDT.
DAQmx_Val_Position_EddyCurrentProximityProbe 14835 Position measurement using an eddy current proximity probe.
DAQmx_Val_Accelerometer 10356 Acceleration measurement using an accelerometer.
DAQmx_Val_Acceleration_Charge 16104 Acceleration measurement using a charge-based sensor.
DAQmx_Val_Acceleration_4WireDCVoltage 16106 Acceleration measurement using a 4 wire DC voltage based sensor.
DAQmx_Val_Velocity_IEPESensor 15966 Velocity measurement using an IEPE Sensor.
DAQmx_Val_Force_Bridge 15899 Force measurement using a bridge-based sensor.
DAQmx_Val_Force_IEPESensor 15895 Force measurement using an IEPE Sensor.
DAQmx_Val_Pressure_Bridge 15902 Pressure measurement using a bridge-based sensor.
DAQmx_Val_SoundPressure_Microphone 10354 Sound pressure measurement using a microphone.
DAQmx_Val_Torque_Bridge 15905 Torque measurement using a bridge-based sensor.
DAQmx_Val_TEDS_Sensor 12531 Measurement type defined by TEDS.
DAQmx_Val_Charge 16105 Charge measurement.

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