NI 6551/6552

NI Digital Waveform Generator/Analyzer Help

Edition Date: June 2013

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The NI 6551/6552 is a 20-channel digital I/O device that you can use as a PC/peripheral device interface, pattern generator, pattern analyzer, or stimulus-response tester. The NI 6551 has a maximum Sample clock frequency of 50 MHz, and the NI 6552 has a maximum Sample clock frequency of 100 MHz.

The NI 6551/6552 also provides the following features:

  • Sophisticated timing engine to maintain and measure the timing parameters of the DUT
  • Programmable voltage levels for testing multiple devices or characterizing a single device under varying conditions
  • Data channels with per channel direction control
  • Deep onboard memory with triggering and pattern sequencing capabilities
  • Ability to use NI-TClk to synchronize multiple devices
  • Per pin, per cycle tristate capabilities
  • Support for real-time hardware comparison of actual response data with expected response data.

You can use the internal On Board Clock or import an external clock through the front panel. You can also shift the generated data, acquired data, and exported Sample clock relative to the onboard clock for clock frequencies above 25 MHz, which is critical when accounting for propagation delays and setup and hold times in the DUT.

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