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Edition Date: June 2013

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ViStatus = niHSDIO_self_test ( ViSession vi, ViInt16 *selfTestResult, ViChar selfTestMessage[]);


This function performs a self-test on the device and returns the test results. The self-test function performs a simple series of tests that ensure the device is powered up and responding. Complete functional testing and calibration are not performed by this function.

This function is internal and does not affect external I/O connections or connections between devices.

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Name Type Description
vi ViSession Identifies your instrument session. vi was obtained from the niHSDIO_InitAcquisitionSession or niHSDIO_InitGenerationSession function.
Name Type Description
Self Test Result ViInt16 This control contains the value returned from the device self-test.

Self-test Code Description:
0—Self-test passed
Anything else—Self-test failed.
Self Test Message ViChar[ ] Returns the self-test response string from the device; you must pass a ViChar array at least IVI_MAX_MESSAGE_BUF_SIZE bytes in length.

Return Value

Name Type Description
Status ViStatus

Reports the status of this operation. To obtain a text description of the status code, call the niHSDIO_error_message function. To obtain additional information concerning the error condition, use the niHSDIO_GetError and niHSDIO_ClearError functions.

The general meaning of the status code is as follows:

Value Meaning
0 Success
Positive Values Warnings
Negative Values Errors


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