niFgen Initialize With Channels VI

NI Signal Generators Help (NI-FGEN 18.1)

Edition Date: April 2018

Part Number: 370524V-01

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Creates and returns a new NI-FGEN session to the specified channel of a waveform generator that is used in all subsequent NI-FGEN VI calls.

niFgen Initialize With Channels


Option String specifies the initial values of certain session properties.

Default Values: "Simulate=0,RangeCheck=1,Cache=1, QueryInstrStatus=1"

The syntax for Option String is attributeName=value


attributeName = the name of the attribute

value = the value to which the attribute is set.

To set multiple properties, separate them with a comma.

If you do not wire this input or pass in an empty string, the session uses the default values for these properties. You can override the default values by assigning a value explicitly in a string that you pass for this input. You do not have to specify all of the properties and may leave any of them out. If you do not specify one of the properties, its default value is used.

Property Name Property Defined Constant Default Value
RangeCheck niFgen»Inherent IVI Attributes»User Options»Range Check 1 (True)
Cache niFgen»Inherent IVI Attributes»User Options»Cache 1 (True)
Simulate niFgen»Inherent IVI Attributes»User Options»Simulate 0 (False)
QueryInstrStatus niFgen»Inherent IVI Attributes»User Options»Query Instrument Status 1 (True)

If simulation is enabled (Simulate=1), you may specify the device that you want to simulate. To specify a device, enter the following syntax in Option String.

DriverSetup=Model:< driver model number >;BoardType:< module type >;MemorySize:< size of onboard memory in bytes >

Option String Examples:

Device Option String Syntax
NI PXI-5404 Simulate=1,DriverSetup=Model:5404;BoardType:PXI
NI PCI-5421 Simulate=1,DriverSetup=Model:5421;BoardType:PCI;MemorySize:268435456
NI PXIe-5450 Simulate=1,DriverSetup=Model:5450;Channels:0-1;BoardType:PXIe;MemorySize:268435456
Note   When you configure multichannel devices, the Option String Channels parameter specifies which channels to initialize. Valid values include channel ranges (for example, "Channels:0-1") and individual channels (for example, "Channels:1").

Resource Name specifies the instrument name, for example "PXI1Slot3" where "PXI1Slot3" is an instrument name assigned by Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX).


Example # Device Type Syntax Variable
1 Traditional NI-DAQ device DAQ::1 (1 = device number)
2 NI-DAQmx device myDAQmxDevice (myDAQmxDevice = device name)
3 NI-DAQmx device DAQ::myDAQmxDevice (myDAQmxDevice = device name)
4 NI-DAQmx device DAQ::2 (2 = device name)
5 IVI logical name or IVI virtual name myLogicalName (myLogicalName = name)

For Traditional NI-DAQ devices, the syntax is DAQ::n, where n is the device number assigned by MAX, as shown in Example 1.

For NI-DAQmx devices, the syntax is just the device name specified in MAX, as shown in Example 2. Typical default names for NI-DAQmx devices in MAX are Dev1 or PXI1Slot1. You can rename an NI-DAQmx device by right-clicking on the name in MAX and entering a new name.

An alternate syntax for NI-DAQmx devices consists of DAQ::NI-DAQmx device name, as shown in Example 3. This naming convention allows for the use of an NI-DAQmx device in an application that was originally designed for a Traditional NI-DAQ device. For example, if the application expects DAQ::1, you can rename the NI-DAQmx device to 1 in MAX and pass in DAQ::1 for the resource name, as shown in Example 4.

If you use the DAQ::n syntax and an NI-DAQmx device name already exists with that same name, the NI-DAQmx device is matched first.

You can also pass in the name of an IVI logical name or an IVI virtual name configured with the IVI Configuration utility, as shown in Example 5. A logical name identifies a particular virtual instrument. A virtual name identifies a specific device and specifies the initial settings for the session.

Caution  Traditional NI-DAQ and NI-DAQmx device names are not case-sensitive. However, all IVI names, such as logical names, are case-sensitive. If you use logical names, driver session names, or virtual names in your program, you must ensure that the name you use matches the name in the IVI Configuration Store file exactly, without any variations in the case of the characters.

Channel Name specifies the channel that this VI uses.


Reset Device specifies whether you want to reset the device during the initialization procedure.

Set Reset Device to TRUE to reset the device. Reset Device performs the same function as the niFgen Reset VI. Resetting a device is not supported when configured for multiple channel-based sessions.

Default value: False


error in describes error conditions that occur before this node runs. This input provides standard error in functionality.

Default value: no error


Instrument Handle Out passes a reference to your instrument session to the next VI.


error out contains error information. This output provides standard error out functionality.


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