Trigger Timing

NI Signal Generators Help (NI-FGEN 18.1)

Edition Date: April 2018

Part Number: 370524V-01

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The following figure shows the relationship between Start trigger and the waveform output. ts1 is the required pulse width on the Start trigger signal. ts2 is the delay from the Start trigger to the waveform output. Refer to the NI PXI-5422 Specifications for more information about these timing parameters.

The NI 5422 also allows you to export signals to trigger other devices based on the waveform output of the signal generator. The exported Start trigger can be exported from the signal generator to signal other devices that waveform generation has started.

The exported Start Trigger is a slightly delayed version of the Start trigger used for waveform generation. It is guaranteed to be at least 150 ns wide. The preceding figure also shows the relationship between Start trigger and the exported Start trigger. ts3 is the delay between the Start trigger and the time the device generates the exported Start trigger. ts4 is the pulse width of the exported Start trigger signal.


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