Single Trigger Mode

NI Signal Generators Help (NI-FGEN 18.1)

Edition Date: April 2018

Part Number: 370524V-01

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When your application is configured for Single trigger mode, only one Start trigger is required to begin waveform generation. All Start triggers after the first Start trigger are ignored. Once the waveform generation is complete, the analog output indefinitely settles at the DC value of the last sample in the waveform. The following table provides more information about waveform generation behavior in Arbitrary Waveform, Arbitrary Sequence, and Frequency List output modes.

Output Mode Trigger Behavior
Arbitrary Waveform Mode The waveform you downloaded generates only once and waveform generation halts, unless the Arbitrary Waveform Repeat Count property or the NIFGEN_ATTR_ARB_REPEAT_COUNT attribute is set, in which case the waveform generates the specified number of times.

Arbitrary Sequence Mode The waveform pattern you define in the sequence list generates only once. When a Start trigger is received, generation begins at the first segment and continues through the last segment, after which the waveform generation halts.   You can determine the DC value at which waveform generation ends by configuring the last point in the final segment as the desired DC value, or you can add an extra segment filled with the same DC value.

Frequency List Mode The device generates each step in the active frequency list sequentially.


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