NI 5122/5124/5142/5622/5922 Trigger Delay

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Edition Date: January 2017

Part Number: 370592AB-01

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Trigger delay, which is specified in seconds, is achieved by adding the appropriate number of posttrigger samples to the record while keeping the allocated onboard memory equal to the record size you request. NI-SCOPE then corrects the trigger time by the delay you specify. To determine the maximum delay for a particular actual sample rate, use the following formula:

Max trigger delay in seconds = [(234 – 1) – requested posttrigger samples] × (1/actual sample rate)

Notes  The maximum trigger delay changes when you use an external sample clock, and when you sample at rates other than full rate while using the internal sample clock.

The maximum trigger delay also changes based on the binary sample width. When binary sample width is set to 8, the maximum trigger delay is doubled. When binary sample width is set to 32, the maximum trigger delay is halved.


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