NI 5114/5122/5124/5142 Analog Trigger Paths

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Edition Date: January 2017

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With high-speed digitizers, triggering capability is as important as input signal conditioning. The NI 5114/5122/5124/5142 provides flexible, high-precision, low-jitter triggering features.

The NI 5114/5122/5124/5142 has three fundamental analog trigger paths:

  • Channel 0 input (CH 0)
  • Channel 1 input (CH 1)
  • External trigger input (TRIG)

The following figure shows the analog trigger paths for the NI 5114/5122/5124/5142.

External Trigger Channel (TRIG)

Unlike the input channels (CH 0 and CH 1), the external trigger channel uses a fixed input range and impedance to give a higher bandwidth for triggering the digitizer. Signals that travel through the external trigger channel are not digitized.


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