NI 5122/5124/5142 Input Ranges

NI High-Speed Digitizers Help (NI-SCOPE)

Edition Date: January 2017

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As shown in the following table, the 1 MΩ path allows up to 20 Vpk-pk whereas the 50 Ω path is limited to 10 Vpk-pk.

50 Ω Input Path 1 MΩ Input Path
0.2 Vpk-pk 0.2 Vpk-pk
0.4 Vpk-pk0.4 Vpk-pk
1 Vpk-pk1 Vpk-pk
2 Vpk-pk 2 Vpk-pk
4 Vpk-pk4 Vpk-pk
10 Vpk-pk 10 Vpk-pk
20 Vpk-pk
Note  Except for the highest ranges (10 V for 50 Ω, 20 V for 1 MΩ), you can set the vertical offset on the NI 5122/5124/5142 to effectively create a unipolar range.


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