Initiating an Acquisition

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Edition Date: January 2017

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Initiate Acquisition tells the digitizer to start acquiring data. During this function, the hardware is programmed with the configuration that you have chosen, and the digitizer begins sampling data and storing it to onboard memory. First, the digitizer samples the requested number of pretrigger points, ignoring any triggers that may occur. After the requested number of pretrigger points are stored, the digitizer waits for a trigger. While waiting, it continues to sample and store data into the circular, onboard memory. The trigger signals the digitizer to sample the exact number of posttrigger samples that you requested. After the posttrigger points are stored, the digitizer either stops sampling data or restarts this process for the next record. The digitizer stores the memory location of the first posttrigger sample, which allows it to calculate where the first pretrigger sample is located in memory when you fetch the waveform.

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