Making Waveform Measurements

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Edition Date: January 2017

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This section describes the different ways to make waveform measurements, which are processed in software by NI-SCOPE. For more information, refer to the following:

Fetching Scalar and Array Measurements

Making Scalar Measurements

Making Array Measurements

Processing Time Domain Data

Often the time-domain data returned from a digitizer requires processing before measurements are done. To do this, register an array measurement as a processing step by using the AddWaveformProcessing function. At the time of registering the processing step, the entire set of NISCOPE_ATTR_MEAS parameters are cached. Then when a measurement function is called, the processing measurements are completed with this cached set of parameters, and the result is used in the measurement. This allows streaming together of measurements. For example, if you register Add Channels and Bessel Filter as processing steps, fetching a frequency measurement actually gives you the frequency of the filtered summation of two channels.


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