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Edition Date: January 2017

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The algorithm finds the first time that the waveform from the channel specified by the channel parameter crosses its mid-reference level. Next, the algorithm finds the first two times that the waveform from the channel the Other Channel property or the NISCOPE_ATTR_MEAS_OTHER_CHANNEL attribute crosses its mid-reference level. The time delay is the time from rising edge to rising edge.

Note Note  If you want to measure from falling edge to falling edge, you can invert the data from both channels by adding a processing step and using the array measurement gain with a value of –1. With this method, you can also measure from rising edge to falling edge or from falling edge to rising edge by inverting a signal on one of the two channels.

The mid-reference level is stored on a per channel basis, and mid-reference levels do not need to be the same. All reference levels use a digital hysteresis.




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