Coercions of Vertical Parameters

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In the Configure Vertical function, vertical range is coerced to the next higher valid vertical range for the digitizer. You can determine the actual value with a Binary Fetch function.

Note  You can also use the Vertical Range attribute to determine the coerced value. However, this attribute does not give the coerced value with the NI 5112.

The gain scale factor is the volts/binary value. Therefore, if you use the Fetch Binary 8 function, the actual vertical range is the gain scale factor times 256, with 256 being the number of binary values in an 8-bit number. If this vertical range is set higher than the maximum vertical range of the digitizer, NI-SCOPE returns an error.

In the Configure Vertical function, the vertical offset parameter is rounded to the nearest valid value, and it can also be obtained from the vertical offset output of the Binary Fetch function or from the Vertical Offset attribute.

Probe attenuation is applied exactly as specified. Therefore, if you select a 1.234 probe attenuation, your data is the voltage measured multiplied by 1.234. NI-SCOPE adjusts your vertical range based on the probe attenuation parameter, so the resulting voltage after the probe attenuation scaling is within the range specified. For example, if your probe attenuation is 10 and your vertical range is 10 V, the digitizer is set to measure a 1 Vpk-pk signal. The data returned with the Fetch function is 10 Vpk-pk.

The max input frequency parameter in the Configure Chan Characteristics function enables or disables analog filters on the digitizer. Its value is coerced up to the next valid value. However, if this parameter is set to 0, the value is coerced to the default bandwidth for the digitizer. If this value is set higher than the maximum input frequency of the digitizer, NI-SCOPE returns an error.

The input impedance and vertical coupling parameters are not coerced. These parameters return an error if the value is not valid for the digitizer.


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