NI 5170R/5171R External Power

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Edition Date: January 2017

Part Number: 370592AB-01

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Note Note  This functionality is only available when using instrument design libraries.

The NI 5170R/5171R is capable of providing 3.3 V of power (250 mA nominal) to external devices through the AUX I/O connector. Power drawn from this resource is limited by a current-limiting controller. If a short or partial short occurs during operation while external power is enabled, current sensors will disable the output momentarily. After 300 ms (nominal), the power will be reconnected and checked for an overcurrent condition again. This cycle occurs every 300 ms (nominal) until the fault is cleared.

Note Note  Behavior of this circuit is affected by component temperature. Actual protection limits may change with device and ambient temperature.

By default, power is disabled. To enable and monitor external power, use the Device Status I/O resources. For more information about these I/O resources, refer to I/O Resources.

For the maximum current of the device, refer to the device specifications.


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