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Edition Date: January 2017

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ViStatus _VI_FUNC niScope_GetNormalizationCoefficients (ViSession vi, ViConstString channelList, ViInt32 bufferSize, struct niScope_coefficientInfo coefficientInfo[], ViInt32* numberOfCoefficientSets);


Returns coefficients that can be used to convert binary data to normalized and calibrated data.

Refer to Scaling and Normalization of Binary Data for more information about how to use this function.


Name Type Description
vi ViSession The instrument handle you obtain from niScope_init that identifies a particular instrument session.
channel List ViConstString The channel to configure. For more information, refer to Channel String Syntax.
bufferSize ViInt32 The array size for the coefficentInfo parameter.

To determine the size of the buffer to allocate for coefficientInfo, pass a value of 0 to the buffersize parameter and a value of NULL to the coefficientInfo parameter. In this case, the return value of the numberOfCoefficientSets parameter is the size of the array necessary to hold the coefficient structures. Allocate an array of niScope_coefficientInfo structures of this size, then call this function again (with the correct bufferSize parameter) to retrieve the actual values.

coefficientInfo struct niScope_coefficientInfo An array of structures containing gain and offset coefficients for a given channel.
Name Type Description
numberOfCoefficientSets ViInt32* Returns the number of coefficient sets returned in the coefficientInfo array.

Return Value

Name Type Description
Status ViStatus Reports the status of this operation. To obtain a text description of the status code, call niScope_GetErrorMessage. To obtain additional information concerning the error condition, use niScope_GetError and niScope_ClearError. The general meaning of the status code is as follows:

Value Meaning
0 Success
Positive Values Warnings
Negative Values Errors


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