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For most VIs, the input parameter channels has the following options:

  • a single channel, such as "0"
  • a list of channels, such as "0,1" or "3,2,1,0"
  • a range of channels, such as "0–7" or "0:7"
  • all channels, which is designated by the empty string, " "
  • If you are using a version of NI-SCOPE prior to 3.5, the input parameter channels may be named channel, channel name, or channelList.
  • The order of channels in a list is important. The attributes are set on the channels in the order they occur in the list. For Fetch and Read functions, the data for each channel is returned in the order the channels occur in the list.

Exceptions for Fetch/Read VIs

If you use an empty string in a fetch or read VI to designate all channels, NI-SCOPE returns an error.


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