NI High-Speed Digitizers Help (NI-SCOPE)

Edition Date: January 2017

Part Number: 370592AB-01

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NI-SCOPE (English | Japanese)
Owning Palette: NI-SCOPE VIs

Use the NI-SCOPE Configuration VIs to set up the parameters of your acquisition, or use Auto Setup to automatically configure device settings.

Palette Object Description
niScope Configure Vertical

Configures the most commonly configured properties of the digitizer vertical subsystem, such as the range, offset, coupling, probe attenuation, and the channel name.

niScope Auto Setup

Automatically configures the digitizer.

niScope Configure Acquisition

Configures how the digitizer acquires data and fills the waveform record.

niScope Configure Chan Characteristics

Configures the properties that control the electrical characteristics of the channel. These properties are the input impedance and the bandwidth.

Subpalette Description
Configure Onboard Signal Processing

Use the VIs on this palette to configure Onboard Signal Processing (OSP) for devices that support OSP.


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