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NI High-Speed Digitizers Help (NI-SCOPE)

Edition Date: January 2017

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Opens an external calibration session and produces a calibration session handle that is required by the external calibration VIs.

All other calibration VIs, such as verification and fetch VIs, work with both a calibration session and a session handle obtained from niScope Initialize. Acceptable session handles are documented for each VI in the manual calibration procedure document for each device.

Only one session handle can be obtained at a time, and every session started with this VI must be closed by calling niScope Cal End. If you fail to close the session, you must unload the niScope_32.dll by closing your application or application development environment (ADE) before you can open another session.

niScope Cal Start


resource name specifies the device name assigned by Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX).


Example Device Type Syntax
1 Traditional NI-DAQ device DAQ::1 (1 = device number)
2 NI-DAQmx device myDAQmxDevice (myDAQmxDevice = device name)
3 NI-DAQmx device DAQ::myDAQmxDevice (myDAQmxDevice = device name)
4 NI-DAQmx device DAQ::2 (2 = device name)
5 IVI logical name or IVI virtual name myLogicalName (myLogicalName = name)

For Traditional NI-DAQ devices, the syntax is DAQ::n, where n is the device number assigned by MAX, as shown in Example 1.

For NI-DAQmx devices, the syntax is just the device name specified in MAX, as shown in Example 2. Typical default names for NI-DAQmx devices in MAX are Dev1 or PXI1Slot1. You can rename an NI-DAQmx device by right-clicking on he name in MAX and entering a new name.

An alternative syntax for NI-DAQmx devices consists of DAQ::NI-DAQmx device name, as shown in Example 3. This naming convention allows for the use of an NI-DAQmx device in an application that was originally designed for a Traditional NI-DAQ device. For example, if the application expects DAQ::1, you can rename the NI-DAQmx device to 1 in MAX and pass in DAQ::1 for the resource name, as shown in Example 4.

If you use the DAQ::n syntax and an NI-DAQmx device name already exists with that same name, the NI-DAQmx device is matched first.

You can also pass in the name of an IVI logical name or an IVI virtual name configured with the IVI Configuration utility, as shown in Example 5. A logical name identifies a particular virtual instrument. A virtual name identifies a specific device and specifies the initial settings for the session.

Caution  Traditional NI-DAQ and NI-DAQmx device names are not case-sensitive. However, all IVI names, such as logical names, are case-sensitive. If you use logical names, driver session names, or virtual names in your program, you must make sure that the name you use matches the name in the IVI Configuration Store file exactly, without any variations in the case of the characters.

password is the password that must match the password in the EEPROM to produce a valid calibration session.

The default password for most digitizers is the empty string, " ". The default password for SMC-based devices is "NI".


error in describes error conditions that occur before this node runs. This input provides standard error in functionality.


instrument handle identifies a particular instrument session.


error out contains error information. This output provides standard error out functionality.


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