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Edition Date: January 2017

Part Number: 370592AB-01

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Configures the digitizer to generate a signal that other devices can detect when configured for digital triggering or sharing clocks. The signal parameter specifies what condition causes the digitizer to generate the signal. The output terminal parameter specifies where to send the signal on the hardware (such as a PFI connector or RTSI line).

In cases where multiple instances of a particular signal exist, use the signal identifier input to specify which instance to control. For normal events, only one instance exists and you should leave signal identifier set to None. You can call this VI multiple times, and set each line available to a different signal.

To unprogram a specific line on a device, call this VI with the signal you no longer want to export and set output terminal to None.

Note  This VI replaces niScope Configure Trigger Output.

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niScope Export Signal


instrument handle identifies a particular instrument session.


signal specifies the signal (clock, trigger, or event) to export.

Defined Values

None (0)—Do not generate a digital pulse.

Reference Trigger (1)—Generate a pulse when detecting the stop/reference trigger.

Start Trigger (2)—Generate a pulse at the start of the acquisition.

End of Acquisition (3)—Generate a pulse at the end of the acquisition.

End of Record (4)—Generate a pulse at the end of each record.

Record Advance (5)—Generate a pulse when the digitizer is advancing to the next record.

Ready for Record Advance (6)—Asserts when the digitizer is ready to advance to the next record.

Ready for Start (7)—Asserts when the digitizer is initiated and ready to accept a start trigger to begin sampling.

Ready for Reference Trigger (10)—Asserts when the digitizer is ready to accept a reference trigger.

Reference Clock (100)—Export the reference clock for the digitizer to the specified terminal.

Sample Clock (101)— Export the sample clock for the digitizer to the specified terminal.

5 Volt Power (13)— Export a 5 V power source.


output terminal identifies the hardware signal line on which the digital pulse is generated.

Defined Values

None (default)

PXI Trigger Line 0/RTSI 0

PXI Trigger Line 1/RTSI 1

PXI Trigger Line 2/RTSI 2

PXI Trigger Line 3/RTSI 3

PXI Trigger Line 4/RTSI 4

PXI Trigger Line 5/RTSI 5

PXI Trigger Line 6/RTSI 6

PXI Trigger Line 7/RTSI 7 (RTSI Clock)

PXI Star Trigger




Clock Out


signal identifier describes the signal being exported.


error in describes error conditions that occur before this node runs. This input provides standard error in functionality.


instrument handle out has the same value as the instrument handle.


error out contains error information. This output provides standard error out functionality.


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