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Taking an NI-DAQ™mx Measurement in LabVIEW™

Edition Date: February 2012

Part Number: 370689M-01

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To use this tutorial, you must have the following software and hardware installed in your system:

  • NI LabVIEW 2009 or later
  • NI-DAQmx from NI-DAQ 8.x or later, including LabVIEW 2009 or later support files
  • A data acquisition (DAQ) device, physical or simulated, that is supported by NI-DAQmx and is connected to a voltage signal. Refer to the Measurement & Automation Explorer Help for NI-DAQmx for instructions on creating an NI-DAQmx simulated device. Refer to the NI-DAQmx Readme file to see if NI-DAQmx supports your device.

Refer to the DAQ Getting Started Guide and the device documentation for information about installing and configuring the software and hardware.

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