Introduction to Taking an NI-DAQmx Measurement in LabVIEW

Taking an NI-DAQ™mx Measurement in LabVIEW™

Edition Date: February 2012

Part Number: 370689M-01

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This tutorial teaches you how to take an NI-DAQmx measurement in NI LabVIEW 2009 or later using the DAQ Assistant. The DAQ Assistant is a graphical interface for configuring measurement tasks, channels, and scales. You also can use the DAQ Assistant to generate NI-DAQmx code from the task.

In this tutorial, you create a voltage measurement task using the DAQ Assistant. This tutorial teaches you how to:

  • Launch the DAQ Assistant by using the DAQ Assistant Express VI in LabVIEW
  • Configure a voltage task in the DAQ Assistant
  • Test the task using test panels
  • Edit the task
  • Generate the code to run the task
Note  This tutorial assumes you are familiar with LabVIEW. If you are a new user of LabVIEW or are unfamiliar with the LabVIEW Express VIs, refer to the Getting Started with LabVIEW manual.
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