Real-Time Module on Phar Lap ETS Targets

Special Considerations

Keep the following considerations in mind when using a Phar Lap ETS target:


  • The RTOS does not support virtual memory or memory protection. If one task crashes, the target restarts to avoid unpredictable effects on other tasks.
  • Time zone changes require a target restart.

File System and Directory Structure

  • The file system is not case-sensitive.
  • Directory paths display in Windows format. For example, paths use backslashes and contain drive letters. If you open a VI created for NI Linux Real-Time targets in an Phar Lap ETS target context, the Linux-like paths automatically convert to Windows-like paths.

Web Services

  • The FTP server is enabled by default.
  • The WebDAV server is as an optional installation for your target.
    Note  The WebDAV server is not available in safe mode.
  • SSL is disabled by default.
  • NI Web-based Configuration & Monitoring is not available in safe mode.
  • UDP with DDP is used for target discovery (NI-specific protocol).



  • Visit and enter the Info Code RTSecurity to keep informed about security as it relates to NI products.

Unsupported Features

The LabVIEW Real-Time Module does not support certain LabVIEW features for VIs that run on RT targets. For instance, if you attempt to deploy and run a VI that has unsupported functionality on an RT target, the VI might still execute. However, the unsupported functions do not work and return standard LabVIEW error codes. The LabVIEW Real-Time Module does not support the following features on RT targets that run the Phar Lap ETS RTOS:

  • ActiveX VIs
  • NI TestStand VIs (ActiveX-based)
  • .NET VIs
  • Report Generation VIs
  • Windows Registry Access VIs
  • Report Express VI (Uses the unsupported Report Generation VIs)
  • Graphics & Sound VIs
  • Database Connectivity VIs
  • Menu functions
  • Cursor VIs
  • IrDA functions
  • System Exec VI
  • Call Library Function Nodes that access an operating system API other than Phar Lap ETS
  • Open/Create/Replace File function interactively using a file dialog box
  • Clear indicators when called option of the Execution Properties page
  • Auto Configure option of the Create Histogram Express VI
  • Certain MathScript functions
    Note   Certain MathScript functions are supported on RT targets only when you assign the output of the function to a MathScript variable.
  • Certain Advanced TDMS functions
  • Profile Buffer Allocations window
  • Output Page of the LabVIEW MathScript Probe window—You can use the rt_debugoutput function to send debug strings to the standard output device instead.
  • Event structures on RT targets do not support events associated with user interface objects, such as VI front panels or controls. For example, associating the Value Change event with a control does not work. RT targets support only user events.
  • Latch Until Released and Switch Until Released Boolean mechanical actions—Refer to the KnowledgeBase for information about why these Boolean mechanical actions do not work on RT targets.


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