Source Files Page (Real-Time Application Properties Dialog Box)

Requires: Real-Time Module

Use this page of the Real-Time Application Properties dialog box to specify the startup VIs, dynamic VIs, and support files that you want to include in the stand-alone real-time application.

This page includes the following components:

  • Project Files—Displays a list of items added under the RT target of the Project Explorer window.
  • Startup VIs—Specifies the startup VIs, which are top-level VIs, to use in the stand-alone real-time application. You must define at least one VI as a startup VI. Click the arrow buttons next to the Startup VIs listbox to add or remove the VIs you select, including their dependencies.
  • Always Included—Specifies the dynamic VIs and support files always to include in the application, even if the startup VIs do not contain references to the files. Click the arrow buttons next to the Always Included listbox to add selected files from the Project Files listbox or to remove selected files from the Always Included listbox. When you add a folder to the listbox, you add all items in the folder and cannot remove individual items.

    Dynamic VIs are VIs that LabVIEW dynamically calls through the VI Server. Support files are non-VI files, such as drivers, text files, and help files that the application uses.


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