NI Scan Engine Error Codes

The NI Scan Engine can return the following error codes. Refer to the KnowledgeBase for more information about correcting errors in LabVIEW.

Code Description
−66504 The LabVIEW callback VI could not be registered or removed.
−66503 The Variable run-time engine is not initialized. Ensure that the NI Scan Engine is installed and then restart the target.
−66502 Did not find the specified I/O module. Ensure that the specified module name matches the name of the I/O module currently deployed from the project.
−66501 I/O module type mismatch. You attempted to read from an output module or write to an input I/O module.
−66500 The size of the data array does not match the number of channels in the I/O module.
−66491 The wait for an I/O scan completion failed due to either a timeout or because the controller shut down.
−66490 An internal error occurred. The controller was unable to notify user code that the I/O scan completed.
−66480 A user fault has occurred.
−66462 The I/O data is not available because the scan engine is not currently running. Either the scan engine failed to start or stopped because the scan rate was too fast for your installed I/O.
−66461 The I/O scan was repeatedly late and the NI Scan Engine terminated to ensure controller stability. Correct the source of lateness and clear all major faults to restart the scan engine.
−66460 The I/O scan time exceeded the NI Scan Engine period you specified on the Scan Engine page of the target properties dialog box.
−66459 The configuration for the I/O channel you accessed is not internally consistent due to a pending configuration change. Try to access the channel again after the configuration operation is complete.
−66457 The I/O Reference has changed. The I/O Reference has changed, either due to a physical I/O configuration change or a deployed configuration change. To use the new configuration, you must use the Open Module Reference VI to create a new I/O Reference.
−66456 The NI Scan Engine encountered an error while attempting to synchronize with the LabVIEW timing engine.
−66455 The I/O device must be added to the project and deployed before the NI Scan Engine can use it.
−66454 The NI Scan Engine received a request for an I/O driver that is not currently installed on the controller.
−66453 The controller experienced an unrecoverable fault that cannot be cleared. Reboot your controller and contact National Instruments technical support. Refer to the fault list for details about the fault.
−66452 Internal error: A component calling the NI Scan Engine failed to comply with the specified interface.
−66451 The specified period for the NI Scan Engine is too short for this platform.
−66450 The NI Scan Engine cannot perform the requested operation while in Fault mode. Clear all major faults and try again.
−66442 The controller encountered an error and was unable to complete the operation.
−66432 The NI Scan Engine failed to initialize on time, but may function normally given sufficient time. If the scanned I/O in your application is not updating properly, contact National Instruments technical support.
−66431 An internal error terminated the NI Scan Engine. This is an unrecoverable fault.
−66430 An internal error prevented a scan engine mode transition. This is an unrecoverable fault.
−66420 A fault could not be added because it would exceed the maximum number of faults for the controller.
−66411 The variable references I/O that has been taken offline by the user. The value returned is invalid.
−66402 The controller did not have enough memory to complete the operation.
−66400 A scan engine operation failed because the NI Scan Engine was not yet started. Ensure that the VI is running on a controller with the NI Scan Engine installed.
−66040 An internal error occurred. An I/O driver attempted an operation that is not supported by this version of the NI Scan Engine.
−66030 The operation cannot be completed because one of the scanned I/O buses is not in the required I/O mode.
−66023 The I/O scan rate cannot be changed at this time due to the state of one of the scanned I/O buses. Try again later.
−66022 The specified I/O scan rate is within range, but too precise for one of the scanned I/O buses. Round the rate up or down to the supported resolution.
−66021 The specified I/O scan rate is too slow for one of the scanned I/O buses.
−66020 The specified I/O scan rate is too fast for one of the scanned I/O buses.
−66013 An internal error occurred: an I/O plug-in operation requested an invalid I/O collection.
−66012 An internal error occurred: the specified I/O channel is not present in the specified I/O collection.
−66011 An internal error occurred: the variable's data size is not consistent with the size of the I/O channel.
−66010 An internal error occurred: the device identity data is not valid for this I/O plug-in.
−66009 An internal error occurred: this I/O collection was already added to the I/O scan.
−66008 The variable belongs to a module or I/O collection that is currently disconnected or offline.
−66004 An internal error occurred: an invalid argument was passed to an I/O plug-in.
−66001 An I/O plug-in ran out of memory.
−66000 A miscellaneous system error has occurred in an I/O plug-in.
66014 The I/O variable accessor requested a timestamp, but this I/O device or channel is not configured for timestamps.
66030 This I/O variable is referencing an I/O device or channel that is not active in the current I/O mode. Data read may be stale or invalid and data written may not be sent to the output.
66410 The variable's value is being forced. Data read from this variable reflects the forced value, not the value from the underlying input channel. Data written to this variable is ignored, and not written to the underlying output channel.
66411 The I/O variable is referencing I/O that has been taken offline by the user. The value used may not be current.
66430 The fault was cleared and the controller is no longer in Fault mode, but the controller was unable to re-enter Active mode and is now in Configuration mode.
66463 The NI Scan Engine is running but there are no I/O drivers that use the scan engine. The scan engine uses system resources even if no plug-ins are installed. You can uninstall the scan engine from the controller, or install an I/O driver that uses the scan engine.


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