Configuring Multiple Ethernet Devices for RT Series PXI Targets (Real-Time Module)

Use the Network Settings tab in NI Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX) to configure additional Ethernet devices for an RT Series PXI target or desktop PC.

Complete the following steps to configure a new Ethernet device for an RT Series PXI target:

  1. Install the Ethernet device in the RT Series PXI target.
  2. In the MAX Configuration tree, expand Remote Systems and select the RT target you want to configure.
  3. Select the Network Settings tab. The available Ethernet devices display in the Network Adapters listbox.
  4. Set Adapter Mode to TCP/IP Network for the appropriate Ethernet device.
  5. (Optional) Click the Make Primary button to configure the target to use the Ethernet device as the primary device for communication. MAX disables the previous primary Ethernet device. You can enable the previous primary card unless it is the default Ethernet device of the RT target. The Network Settings tab lists the default Ethernet device first in the Network Adapters listbox.
  6. Click Save to apply any changes or Revert to cancel.
  7. Click Yes when prompted to restart the RT target.


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