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Edition Date: January 2018

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Short Name: Exported Start Trigger Output Terminal

Property of niDCPower

Specifies the output terminal for exporting the Start trigger.

Refer to the Device Routes tab in Measurement & Automation Explorer for a list of the terminals available on your device. For the PXIe-4162/4163, refer to the Signal Routing topic for the device to determine which routes are available. This information is not available on a Device Routes tab in MAX.

Output terminals can be specified in one of two ways. If the device is named Dev1 and your terminal is PXI_Trig0, you can specify the terminal with the fully qualified terminal name, /Dev1/PXI_Trig0, or with the shortened terminal name, PXI_Trig0.

Note  This property is not supported by all devices. Refer to Supported Properties by Device for information about supported devices.

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The following table lists the characteristics of this property.

Datatype string
High-level VIs niDCPower Export Signal
Channel-based No


Not Helpful