PXIe-4135 Protection

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Edition Date: January 2018

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The PXIe-4135 is protected against overcurrent and overvoltage conditions. These conditions can cause protection circuitry to engage, which disables the output of the affected channel and disconnects the channel circuitry from the output connector pins. By internally disconnecting the output, it protects both the PXIe-4135 and the device under test.

Caution Caution  Do not apply voltages at the output that exceed the ratings of the PXIe-4135. Refer to the PXIe-4135 specifications for information about voltage ratings.

Overvoltage Protection

Overvoltage Protection (OVP) protects the user's DUT from high voltage events by disabling the output when the OVP limit is exceeded.

You can set an OVP limit for the PXIe-4135 to limit the maximum DC voltage at the output pins. The OVP limit applies to the output of the local sense pins, regardless of the selected sense mode. To set the OVP limit, use the niDCPower OVP Limit property or the NIDCPOWER_ATTR_OVP_LIMIT attribute and enable OVP using the niDCPower OVP Enabled property or the NIDCPOWER_ATTR_OVP_ENABLED attribute. For the default OVP limit, refer to Supported Properties by Device.

To clear an OVP error condition, first identify and fix the cause of the error and then use the niDCPower Reset VI or the niDCPower_Reset function.

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