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Edition Date: January 2018

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Aperture time is the period during which an ADC reads the voltage or current on a power supply or SMU. Aperture time can be specified in seconds (s) or power line cycles (PLCs). Measurement resolution, measurement speed, and frequency rejection are all functions of aperture time.

Tip Tip  Select longer aperture times to improve measurement resolution; select shorter aperture times to increase the measurement speed.

Configuring Aperture Time

Use the niDCPower Configure Aperture Time VI or the niDCPower_ConfigureApertureTime function to set the aperture time of the device. Use the niDCPower Configure Power Line Frequency VI or the niDCPower_ConfigurePowerLineFrequency function to set the power line frequency for a specified channel of the device.

Support for Aperture Time

The following devices do not support this feature: NI PXI-4110, NI PXI-4130, NI PXIe-4154.

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