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Constant Current Mode

NI DC Power Supplies and SMUs Help (NI-DCPower)

Edition Date: January 2018

Part Number: 370736U-01

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In constant current mode, the current flowing through the output terminals is held constant while the voltage across the output terminals may change depending on loading conditions. The output channel behaves like a current source when in this mode.

Note  Constant current mode is synonymous with current-controlled mode.

An output channel operates in constant current mode under two conditions:

To determine when an output channel is operating in constant current mode, use the status indicators on the front panel of the NI PXI-4110/4130/4132 or NI PXIe-4112/4113/4154, the niDCPower Query Output State VI, or the niDCPower_QueryOutputState function for devices that support this feature.

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