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Edition Date: January 2018

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An NI-DCPower session follows the deprecated programming model when you initialize with any of the following deprecated VIs and functions.

Deprecated VI Deprecated Function
niDCPower Initialize niDCPower_init
niDCPower Initialize With Options niDCPower_initWithOptions

Tip Tip  Initialize a session using the niDCPower Initialize With Channels VI or the niDCPower_InitializeWithChannels function instead of deprecated VIs and functions.

Although they are not deprecated, the niDCPower Initialize External Calibration VI and the niDCPower_InitExtCal function use the deprecated programming model.

The following image represents the deprecated NI-DCPower programming model.

NI-DCPower Programming Model

NI-DCPower operates with the following legacy behaviors and exceptions in the deprecated programming model:

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