Sense Lead Error Detection

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Sense Lead Error Detection is a feature for detecting problems with remote sense connections.  Common fault cases include reversing the sense leads or having one or both sense leads disconnected. If remote sense connections are connected in a faulty manner and Sense Lead Error Detection is supported, the device output will shut down and the device will enter into an error state.  This feature is enabled automatically on devices that support it.  

The device detects errors by imposing a threshold on the maximum allowed voltage difference between the output pins and the appropriate remote sense pins.  If the maximum allowed voltage difference is exceeded, the device enters into an error state and shuts down the output.

To clear a sense lead error, first identify and fix the cause of the error and then use the niDCPower Reset VI or the niDCPower_Reset function.

Note  The Sense Lead Error Detection feature does not detect all possible fault conditions on remote sense lines.

Refer to your device specifications document for more information about remote sense support and the maximum output lead voltage drop allowed.

Support for Sense Lead Error Detection

Devices that support this feature include the following:

  • PXIe-4135
  • NI PXIe-4136/4137

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