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Edition Date: January 2018

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In Single Point source mode, the source unit applies a single source configuration when it enters the Running state. You can then update the source configuration dynamically.

Single Point Source Model

The following steps illustrate the typical operation of the source unit when you initiate in Single Point source mode:

  1. (Optional) The source unit waits for a Source trigger. Refer to the Configuring Triggers and Events topics for more information.
  2. The source unit updates the source configuration.
  3. After waiting the time specified by the niDCPower Source Delay property or the NIDCPOWER_ATTR_SOURCE_DELAY attribute, the source unit generates a Source Complete Event, as illustrated in the following figure.

  4. (Optional) If the niDCPower Measure When property is set to Automatically After Source Complete or the NIDCPOWER_ATTR_MEASURE_WHEN attribute is set to NIDCPOWER_VAL_AUTOMATICALLY_AFTER_SOURCE_COMPLETE, the measure unit takes a measurement after the Source Complete event is generated.

Refer to Programming the Output for information about programming the output (the source configuration).

Note Note  In Single Point source mode, only the Source trigger is available to control the source unit. Accordingly, the Sequence Advance trigger is not available, and Start trigger must be set to None.
Note Note  The NI PXI-4110 and NI PXI-4130 do not support triggers and events or automatically measuring after source complete. On these devices, after entering the Running state, the source unit simply updates the source configuration without waiting for any triggers or generating any events, and the measure unit cannot automatically take a measurement after the source completes.

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