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Edition Date: January 2018

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ViStatus niDCPower_ConfigurePulseVoltageLevel(ViSession vi, ViConstString channelName, ViReal64 level);


Configures the pulse voltage level that the device attempts to generate for the specified channel(s) during the on phase of a pulse. The channel must be enabled for the specified voltage level to take effect.

Refer to the niDCPower_ConfigureOutputEnabled function for more information about enabling the output channel. The pulse voltage level setting is applicable only if the channel is set to the NIDCPOWER_VAL_PULSE_VOLTAGE output function using the niDCPower_ConfigureOutputFunction function.

The device actively regulates the voltage at the specified level unless doing so causes a current greater than the pulse current limit through the channels' output terminals.

Note Note  This function is not supported on all devices. Refer to Supported Functions by Device for more information about supported devices.


Name Type Description
vi ViSession Identifies a particular instrument session. vi is obtained from the niDCPower_InitializeWithChannels function.
channelName ViConstString Specifies the output channel(s) to which this configuration value applies. Specify multiple channels by using a channel list or a channel range. A channel list is a comma (,) separated sequence of channel names (for example, 0,2 specifies channels 0 and 2). A channel range is a lower bound channel followed by a hyphen (-) or colon (:) followed by an upper bound channel (for example, 0-2 specifies channels 0, 1, and 2). In the Running state, multiple output channel configurations are performed sequentially based on the order specified in this parameter.
level ViReal64 Specifies the pulse voltage level, in volts, for the output channel generation.

Valid Values:
The valid values for this parameter are defined by the voltage level range that is selected using the niDCPower_ConfigurePulseVoltageLevelRange function.

Return Value

Name Type Description
StatusViStatusReports the status of this operation. To obtain a text description of the status code, call the niDCPower_error_message function. To obtain additional information concerning the error condition, call the niDCPower_GetError function.


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