NI DC Power Supplies and SMUs Help (NI-DCPower)

Edition Date: January 2018

Part Number: 370736U-01

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ViStatus niDCPower_Measure(ViSession vi, ViConstString channelName, ViInt32 measurementType, ViReal64 *measurement)


Returns the measured value of either the voltage or current on the specified output channel. Each call to this function blocks other function calls until the hardware returns the measurement. To measure multiple output channels, use the niDCPower_MeasureMultiple function.


Name Type Description
vi ViSession Identifies a particular instrument session. vi is obtained from the niDCPower_InitializeWithChannels function.
channelName ViConstString Specifies the output channel to measure. Only one measurement at a time may be made with the niDCPower_Measure function. Use the niDCPower_MeasureMultiple function to measure multiple channels.
measurementType ViInt32 Specifies whether a voltage or current value is measured.

Defined Values:
NIDCPOWER_VAL_MEASURE_VOLTAGE (1)The device measures voltage.
NIDCPOWER_VAL_MEASURE_CURRENT (0)The device measures current.
Name Type Description
measurement ViReal64* Returns the value of the measurement, either in volts for voltage or amps for current.

Return Value

Name Type Description
StatusViStatusReports the status of this operation. To obtain a text description of the status code, call the niDCPower_error_message function. To obtain additional information concerning the error condition, call the niDCPower_GetError function.


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