NI DC Power Supplies and SMUs Help (NI-DCPower)

Edition Date: January 2018

Part Number: 370736U-01

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Specific Attribute

Numeric Value Data
Access Applies to Coercion High-Level Functions
1250003 ViReal64 R/W Channel None N/A


Determines the voltage limit, in volts, beyond which overvoltage protection (OVP) engages. The limit is specified as a positive value, but symmetric positive and negative limits are enforced simultaneously. For example, setting the OVP Limit to 65 will configure the OVP feature to trigger an OVP error if the output exceeds ±65 V.

Note Note  This attribute is not supported by all devices. Refer to Supported Attributes by Device for information about supported devices.

Valid Values:

Valid values vary by device.

Default Value:

Refer to Supported Attributes by Device for the default value by device.

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