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Optimizes the data type of a channel to save disk space.

Set ChnResult = ChnOptimizeDataType(X, OptimizeDataTypeRoundMode, OptimizeDataTypeRoundDigitType, OptimizeDataTypeRoundDigitCount, OptimizeDataTypeIP)

Input Parameters

X Specifies the data channel containing the x-values.
OptimizeDataTypeRoundMode Specifies the rounding mode for data optimization.
Enumeration variable
Enumeration variable with the following selection terms
Script Term Interface Term, Explanation
Round mathematically
Round down
Round up
OptimizeDataTypeRoundDigitType Specifies which places DIAdem rounds in order to optimize the data.
Enumeration variable
Enumeration variable with the following selection terms
Script Term Interface Term, Explanation
Round to n decimal places
Round to n places
OptimizeDataTypeRoundDigitCount Specifies how many places DIAdem rounds in order to optimize the data.
Integer variable
0 <= OptimizeDataTypeRoundDigitCount <= 2147483647
OptimizeDataTypeIP Specifies whether DIAdem overwrites the values of the input channels with the result channels of the data optimization.

Return Parameters

ChnResult ElementList <Data> type return value. Contains the result channel.

Use the Optimize Data Type function or its command ChnOptimizeDataType to map the channel values of a channel automatically to a smaller data format. Use the Optimize data type function to round channel values in order to get a smaller file for storage. If you round automatically, the optimization runs without significant errors. DIAdem displays the relative rounding error and the amount of storage space saved in the associated dialog box and saves these values in the custom properties of the result channels as Result~OptDataType~RoundingError, and Result~OptDataType~StorageSavings.

When saving TDM and DAT files, DIAdem can use scaling parameters in order to map the channel values on an integer data type. If you select Automatic either in the dialog box DIAdem NAVIGATOR Settings or in the dialog box Settings for DIAdem DAT Files, DIAdem tries to save numeric channels in a format that saves the most memory space on the hard drive.

Note  If you want to use waveform channels in this command, follow rule 2.3 for calculating with waveform channels.

Dialog Box Call

Call SUDDlgShow("Main", ResourceDrv & "AnaChnOptimizeDataType")

Optimize Data Type

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