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Enables the interaction mode.

Call InteractionOn([InteractionText])

Input Parameters

[InteractionText] Specifies the text that DIAdem displays in a non-modal dialog box when the interaction is enabled. By default the InteractionText variable contains an empty text.

You can use the InterActionOn command to interrupt a script and to operate DIAdem. When you transfer a text, DIAdem displays this text in a non-modal dialog box. If you move the dialog box, DIAdem remembers the position and displays the dialog box at the saved position at the next call. If you start the command InteractionOn several times within an interaction, DIAdem displays only one dialog box. DIAdem displays the interaction level in the header.

Use the InteractionOff command to disable the interaction mode and to continue the script. During the interaction you can start further scripts and enable the interaction mode for these scripts. Select File»End Interaction to see the number of activated interactions.

Note  You cannot record scripts in the interaction mode.
Note  You must not use the InterActionOn command when a modal dialog box is open.

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