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Changes the percentage of the progress bar in the progress display which DIAdem displays in the status bar. For example, if you assign the value 50 to the LoopLength parameter, DIAdem shows only half of the progress bar of the progress display. Use the LoopInit command to initialize the progress display and the LoopDeInit command to end the progress display.

Call LoopInc(LoopLength)

Input Parameters

LoopLength Specifies the percentage of the progress bar which DIAdem displays in the progress display. Valid values are between 1 and 100.

Access: Read/Write
Note  While controlling the progress display with the LoopInc command, DIAdem suppresses the progress display of other DIAdem commands.


The following example loops through 100 times and displays the progress bar of the progress display in the status bar.

Dim intLoop
Call LoopInit()
For intLoop= 1 To 100
  Call LoopInc(intLoop)
  Call Pause(0.1)
Call LoopDeInit()

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