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Edition Date: June 2018
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Use this dialog box to generate new data channels.


Channel generation mode Specifies the type of channel generation, such as equidistant or geometric.
Set the following parameters, depending on the channel generation mode:
Start value Specifies the first value in the new data channel.
End value Specifies the last value in the new data channel.
Number of values Specifies the number of values in the new data channel.
Channel Specifies, when selecting Finer than channel, the data channel that DIAdem partitions more finely. Specifies, when selecting Values from the x-share of a waveform channel, the waveform channel whose x-share delivers the values.
n Specifies the number of subdivisions between two subsequent values.
Generate implicit channel Specifies that DIAdem only stores the parameters of the generation specification when saving the channel. The generated channel is read-only.
Unit Specifies the unit in which DIAdem generates the numeric channel.
... Opens the Unit Symbol Input Help dialog box where you can select a new unit and a new unit symbol.
Create numeric channel (relative time reference)/Create time channel (absolute time reference) Specifies whether DIAdem includes the waveform start time setting. If you consider the start time (absolute time reference), DIAdem generates a time channel, otherwise DIAdem generates a numeric channel (relative time reference).
Note  Use the commands ChnLinGen, ChnGeoGen, ChnDXDivGen, and ChnFromWfXGen, to generate channels in a script. Use the ChnLinGenImp command to generate implicit channels.


DIAdem generates one result channel.

To calculate quantity-based in DIAdem, click the Calculate Quantity-Based button on the DIAdem ANALYSIS toolbar. When executing quantity-based calculations, DIAdem checks whether the program can also execute calculations on physical quantities in the same calculation. If DIAdem cannot execute the calculation because the physical quantities are unsuitable, the program displays an error message. Refer to the Help page Calculating Quantity-Based and Non-Quantity-Based in DIAdem for the conditions and rules for quantity-based calculations.

Script Call

Call SUDDlgShow("Main", ResourceDrv & "AnaChnGen")


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