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Edition Date: June 2018
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Use this dialog box to calculate the mapping of a signal to a new x-range. Use linear mapping to convert signals with different x-values to a common x-range.


X-channel Specifies the data channel for the x-values of the signal. The data channel must not contain NoValues and the values of the data channel must be monotonic increasing.
Y-Channel Specifies the data channel for the y-values of the signal.
Interpolation channel Specifies the data channel of the x-range to which DIAdem calculates the values. The data channel must not contain NoValues and the values of the data channel must be monotonic increasing.
Mapping mode Displays the mapping mode you select.
Substitute value Specifies the value that DIAdem uses in the linear mapping process of spike curves for those values to which DIAdem does not assign an interpolation point.
Extrapolation calculation method Specifies which calculation method DIAdem uses to extend linear mapping for x-values beyond the original x-range, during extrapolation.
Constant value Specifies the constant for extrapolation with a constant value.
Interpolate NoValues Specifies whether DIAdem replaces NoValues in the signal with interpolated values.
If you want to use waveform channels in this dialog box, follow Rule 2.2 for Calculating with Waveform Channels.


DIAdem generates one result channel with the mapped y-values.

Refer to the Help page Linear Mapping for further information.
To calculate quantity-based in DIAdem, click the Calculate Quantity-Based button on the DIAdem ANALYSIS toolbar. When executing quantity-based calculations, DIAdem checks whether the program can also execute calculations on physical quantities in the same calculation. If DIAdem cannot execute the calculation because the physical quantities are unsuitable, the program displays an error message. Refer to the Help page Calculating Quantity-Based and Non-Quantity-Based in DIAdem for the conditions and rules for quantity-based calculations.

Script Call

Call SUDDlgShow("Main", ResourceDrv & "AnaChnMapLinCalc")



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