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Edition Date: June 2018
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Use this dialog box to map the channel values of a channel to quantization steps so that DIAdem can save the values in an integer data type. When determining the target data type with quantization steps, the quantization generates a quantization error.

When saving TDM and DAT files, DIAdem can use scaling parameters in order to map the channel values on an integer data type. These parameters are in the variables ChnStartVal and ChnStepWidth, when you execute the functions Optimize file type or Quantize, or if the source data was already saved as a different file type than the default type. If you select Automatic either in the dialog box DIAdem NAVIGATOR Settings or in the dialog box Settings for DIAdem DAT Files, DIAdem tries to save numeric channels in a format that saves the most memory space on the hard drive.


Channel Specifies the data channel containing the values to be processed.
Number of steps Specifies the number of steps into which DIAdem divides a channel.
Lower range limit Specifies the bottom range limit where DIAdem starts dividing a channel.
Upper range limit Specifies the top range limit up to which DIAdem divides a channel.
Determine ranges Determines the range limits automatically.
Store result in original channel Overwrites the values of the input channels. Do not select this setting if you want to use the input channels again.
If you want to use waveform channels in this dialog box, follow Rule 2.3 for Calculating with Waveform Channels.


DIAdem generates a result channel with the quantized values.

Refer to the Help page Channel Functions for further information.
To calculate quantity-based in DIAdem, click the Calculate Quantity-Based button on the DIAdem ANALYSIS toolbar. When executing quantity-based calculations, DIAdem checks whether the program can also execute calculations on physical quantities in the same calculation. If DIAdem cannot execute the calculation because the physical quantities are unsuitable, the program displays an error message. Refer to the Help page Calculating Quantity-Based and Non-Quantity-Based in DIAdem for the conditions and rules for quantity-based calculations.

Script Call

Call SUDDlgShow("Main", ResourceDrv & "AnaChnQuantize")



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