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Edition Date: June 2018
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Use this dialog box to make basic settings for DIAdem NAVIGATOR.


  External data Specifies whether DIAdem opens a DataFinder or a data store when DIAdem NAVIGATOR starts.
Data store
Specifies the data store or the DataFinder that DIAdem displays in DIAdem NAVIGATOR when the program starts.
Browse Opens the dialog box Open DataFinder if you select the setting DataFinder. Opens the dialog box Open Data Store if you select the setting Data store.
  Default file Specifies which file DIAdem displays in the Data Portal when the program starts.
Browse Opens the dialog box where you select the default file.
  Bus Log Converter - Start configuration Specifies the name and the path of the configuration file which DIAdem uses to convert bus log files.
  Converting bus log channels when loading Specifies whether DIAdem automatically converts an XNET-TDMS file or an MDF4 bus logfile when loading.
  Storage format for TDM files Specifies whether DIAdem defines the file format (auto binary), or saves data as floating point values (Float64) with a length of 64-bit, or optimizes each channel for a minimum storage requirement, by rounding the values without significant errors and saving them in the smallest possible file format. When saving TDM and DAT files, DIAdem can use scaling parameters in order to map the channel values on an integer data type. These parameters are in the variables ChnStartVal and ChnStepWidth, when you execute the functions Optimize file type or Quantize, or if the source data was already saved as a different file type than the default type. If you use the Automatic setting, DIAdem tries to save channels in the original data format in order to use as little space as possible on the hard drive. For example, if you load a channel from a DIAdem DAT file in the INT16 format, DIAdem checks whether the channel has changed and whether DIAdem can save the modified values in the original Int16 format without losing data. If you use the setting Optimize data type, DIAdem uses the algorithm of the command ChnOptimizeDataType to optimize the data type without significant errors.
  Compress metadata Specifies whether DIAdem compresses the meta data without losses.
Note  To open this dialog box, select Settings»DIAdem Settings»NAVIGATOR.

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