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Use this dialog box to specify the parameters for DIAdem DAT files.


Maximum number of channels Specifies the maximum number of channels that DIAdem can read from a DAT file and can edit.
Storage mode Specifies whether DIAdem saves the data in columns or rows.
Data type Specifies which data type DIAdem saves the data in.
File coding Specifies the coding procedure for DIAdem Dat data files. The default setting is the Unicode format. If you delete the internal data or load a DAT file, this setting changes. If you need a specific file coding, you should check the setting every time you save a DAT file.
Real format Specifies the format of floating point values for ASCII block storage.
Integer length Specifies the length for integer values in ASCII block storage.
Separators Specifies the delimiter for ASCII block storage.
Check implicit data Specifies whether DIAdem checks all implicit data channels.
Check integer data Specifies whether DIAdem checks all data channels with integer values.
Note  To open this dialog box in DIAdem NAVIGATOR, select File»DAT Files»Settings.


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